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Castles (Skepta)

As the days keep turning As the world keeps burning As my soul keeps learning Tears fall from the castles around my heart My teacher told me I'm a side man, I told her to remember me Now they wanna email me, asking if I can talk to the kids in assembly Now man are selling out Wembley Now man are twenty first century Statistics say I should be dead or in jail But shit ain't the way that it's meant to be Breaking the cycle They wish I was trapped in the system A 6 foot tall black guy like me That would've been a rap in an instant That's why I gotta speak my mind, I'm a say how it is and I never say sorry Keep my mouth shut like Winston and Tracy fam - over my dead body Too much TV, too many newspapers got a nigga thinking evil Got me thinking I'm looking at my enemy when I'm looking at my own people Notice when a white man looks at my watch I think he's trying to pay me a compliment When a black man looks at my watch I think he's trying to knock my confidence (mad) I was in Amsterdam smoking blue cheese and I had an epiphany All these negative preconceptions just bring more negativity Instead of investing in new businesses they buy new artillery Everybody in the hood wants to spray a 16 and I don't mean lyrically Underdog psychosis spreading around in the hood like flu Security guards follow me around like I ain't got £2 to pay for my juice Now all this bullshit got me smoking this stupid zoot Tell Boris he's lucky that I made it rapping or I would've been looting too Niggas ain't got GCSEs still don't wanna work for a minimum wage These days man will murder a man for a box of grade Every time the.38 barrel spins Martin Luther turns in the grave It's real life, no computer game, we're living in the streets of rage [Hook]