Mike Lowery (Skepta)

Where? London. London? London. London? Yes, London! You know: fish, chips cup o' tea, bad food, worse weather, Mary fucking Poppins, London. Whoo Kid Too many wannabe badboys flexin' like they're so rowdy Look a badboy straight in the face, tell him I'm a real badboy fuck Mike Lowery I don't take disrespect neither do the guys that are standing around me I do it how they didn't wanna do it now they wanna try an do it but I'm telling them 'low me When I shut one eye and aim, I hit the target Ben Cook now sitting at home now tryna figure out how he fucked up his artist If the game was a tray full of ice cubes then I'll be the coldest and the hardest The last MC that dissed me, blood on the ceiling, blood on the carpet See I've got more heart than Tony Hawk but when I'm riding I ain't ramping I'm ready for all out war them man are lying on the floor camping Said keep it professional, Skepta forget the mad ting I just say Candyman five times in the mirror but nothing ain't happening When I say that I stick it in the pussy'ole, cause it ain't no sexual innuendo I been producing since Mario came on the Super Nintendo So if a man wants to violate me I will make this beat at the fastest tempo Kill another MC then go Spain and change my name to Lorenzo What happened to him? He got shot in the face Lincoln. I would have thought that was obvious. What'd you do that for? You mistake him for a rabbit? What do you want me to do about it? Sort it out. I'm not a fucking witch doctor. But you are a bad boy yardie and bad boy yardies are supposed to know how to get rid of bodies. I create the bodies. I don't erase the bodies. There ain't no clowns round here when I find one go to the circus Fuck a suspended sentence, I'll re-offend if I ever get nervous I say what I mean, mean what I say so when I say it I'm saying it on purpose I tell a man that wants to rob me don't bother coming if you ain't got burners I gave up smoking and then I got stressed out told KJ get the weed in Lying in bed paranoid thoughts in my head, staring at the ceiling 100 nightmares in my brain clearly tryna stop me sleeping 1000 diamonds in my chain and it's hurting a lot of mans feelings You wanna know why they call me Guy Fawkes in the club just look at my table Now they wanna know what Skepta's worth they wish they knew my appraisal Black carbon fibre on the roof of the white Audi I'm so interracial I start with a little bit of foreplay, have sex then finish off with a facial When it comes to the bedroom ladies better know I'm so X-rated I met her on Monday made love on the same day 'cause I ain't Craig David Big high grade spliff, Courvoursier nigga I'm so wasted I can't drive like this but it's okay because Jamie's driving a spaceship Boy Better Know