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Frieza The Tyrant (Crisix)

Terror! Agony! Your life's goin' to exile Planets! Reduced to ashes! Victims of an unfair fate Dark times rule the universe the decay of your hope A race feared by everyone Fear the demon of the cold Frieza... Frieza... Frieza the Tyrant! He will come to conquer your world Frieza the Tyrant! Your lives for him are nothing, Burn! Frieza the Tyrant! Surrender to his dark empire Frieza the Tyrant! Remember the name Frieza x 3 Frieza the Tyrant! Nightmare! Genocide! Laughing on the throne (But) Hanging by a thread! The evil legacy will disappear Deep inside his black heart fear of a world of warriors A legend feared by the lord could be the end of the cold Burnin' in the fire! Visions of the end! The tyrant will die under the rage of the blue eyes Legend is alive! The hope of Saiyan's pride! Frieza's time will come by the hands of Bardock's son Frieza... Frieza... Kakarot... Kakarot!