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One By One (Crisix)

Stand up! Fight for your rights Don't fear men in uniforms So brave under weapons Destroyers of freedom! No chance! Future past is come Refuse their authority If we succumb to its price it will be the end of the words! Goodbye to freedom of speech! (Goodbye to freedom of speech! ) Goodbye to the rights of our beings! Goodbye! Sons of a bitch! Please no more lies, no more crimes! Sons of the law! Don't terrorize! One by One Face my face drop your gun if you are brave One by One come to me Let me see your real name Dumb bastard! It's clear! No time to cry Resist! Don't leave the front line It's just what they want from you Butchers of innocence! Burn out their point of view Teach 'em how to live free If we reject those feelings total blackout of the dream Feelings that can not be killed! (Feelings that can not be killed!) Feelings that will grow in me! Fight!