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Those Voices Shall Remain (Crisix)

Really difficult to describe It's the hardest kind of fight The collapse of your brain Seems like eternal day and night Death has come for those friends Death has come for that part of you Now all my memories live in a trail of tears Silence, crying, my darkest time Those demons torment me Searching for an answer The eternal question: why you left my side? No way out No way to it No way out They can't hear your voice No way out No way to them No way out but... Those voices shall remain Really difficult to survive when hope is a broken glass New reality before my eyes New condition over my faith A new lesson I have to learn I must be stronger than this cruel fate That voice in my head will live forever Crawling through my darkest time Those demons follow me There's no answer They're gone far away from my side Really difficult to keep strong when the light never seems to come Never-ending memories keep my force alive