Adoration Of Social Demise (Iperyt)

The truth lies in blood and misery, hidden in madness and guarded by fear abstract but more real than life thus feared, abhorred and ignored. Only a few minds are strong enough to face what is hidden behind the curtain of illusion. Therefore the images of truth are often false or blurred. Through! ... magnificent adoration of social demise and the worship of most malicious wills. Through! ... the rituals of self-dehumanization we're reborn and blessed with human blood. Rising in the glorious dawn of inhuman ecstasy we enter the new dimension of lifeless aeon. Following the black light of uncreation we join the procession of universe's funeral. Besides death, only few things are certain, but you shan't hear the words of encouragement. I'm sick and tired of you all! ... and may all be dead!