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Mama's Funeral (Cook Elizabeth)

Nah nah nah nah... At mama's funeral, organs didn't play But you could hear the lonesome sway Of the local guitar man He played Hank Williams songs We all did 'Farther Along' The boys drank beer out by the barn At mama's funeral Oh the birds showed up to sing As we gathered round the ole porch swing Where her feet had worn the paint off the boards And her pillow sat all faded and torn Her children all took turns Trying to find the words Just wantin to say something right Bout the best friend they'd found in life And explain it to the nurses that came from the hospital To mama's funeral It was surprising to me, thought it'd be as hard as it could be But everybody took a little piece of pain And they spread it round like summer rain And it helped to ease the load More than I could've known At mama's funeral And my family made me proud Cause when the cryin got loud The laughter followed close behind Daddy'd say "now don't all remember the time..." Tables set up all over the place Covered with pictures, candles and lace The Quik Sack stayed open late Sold out of all their cups and paper plates To the strangers that gathered up on the hill For mama's funeral All the pretty flowers planted by her hands Her guitar in a corner sittin on a stand Nah nah nah nah...