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Snake In The Bed (Cook Elizabeth)

There’s a snake in the bed, a snake in the bed I dumped out my purse and there’s a snake in the bed It’s little and it wiggles, got a shiny black head Couldn’t be worse there’s a snake in the bed My pocketbook was sittin by the slidin glass door The one I thought didn’t work no more I set it side me on the pull-out couch The one I’d been sleepin on to get the bugs out And Big Mama Thornton was singing along With pretty young Elvis and the old hound dog Heaven turned to big deceit when something slithered down my leg And between my feet I can’t imagine what the fuss is about You’d think he’d have chosen a different route I can’t shut up the words in my mouth They started up north and they’re heading down south The boy from next door came runnin up He was sicker than me so the problem was We balled up the sheet snake and everything Kicked out the door and gave it a fling