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In The Twilight Of The Third (Ethereal Pandemonium)

The spirits of the ancient fathers were summoned, The old men prayed to the fate, to stand at their side When the clouds of the endless darkness gathered... And the men knew that their battle is final Today the nature decides, They all knew that it is now or never, 'cause tomorrow was about never to come... And as the light disappeared, Barad-Dur striked, The black powers of Gorgoroth attacked the West, When the light disappeared, the One who beared the ring Stood at the edge before the ultimate decision So hear, ye hear of the brave ones gathered And their quest for the abyss endless, Deep enough to hide the ring of doom... And hear, ye hear of the Middle Earth shaking, Of Elves and Dwarves, bound together with men And hear, ye hear of the adventure supreme to all...