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Last Phoenix Rising (Ethereal Pandemonium)

Her hands embrace the icon of the night, Mother Luna with her spell mourns for the darkness' precious light Her nectar sweet reminds me of the wine Yet her words cold speak of (death's embrace and) things soon to be mine I, as the Phoenix from my ashes rise, And through the eyes of the dead shall stare, Discover the secrets awaiting me there, And then I'll cross the sacred line, With past beholders I shall meet The Autumn faded souls shall greet Roses for the princess of the dead songs, Wither and so her children do Yearning for Autumn to get them through This is the last, but not the one, It lies in the dust of ages gone, living in memories of none... Erotic enchantment in the embrace of the crimson dreams, Her words they whisper in the instant clarity, Our souls together summon the realms of night, Awake the beast, sleeping off the reach of the light, Open the regret wounds and let me stare into your mind, The stream of my obsession will be flowing deep and wild For you... For you... I as the Phoenix from my ashes rose And through the eyes of the Dead did stare, Discovered secrets awaiting me there, And then I crossed the sacred line, With the past beholders I did meet The autumn faded souls did greet Roses for the princess of the dead songs They bloom and so her children do, They have their hope to get them through, This is the last and the only one For gates did close and I am here like a prisoner to my own fear By immortal spirit of Carpathian woods I lay here my promise, Until Luna seventh time into the fullmoon turns, I shall learn to die... 'Tis the grey darkness, haunting my memories Of bare breasted faeries dance in nocturnal woods, Of grey mist and white snow, betrothed my Caropathia Wish I could embrace again... The closing chapter comes to its end, The candles are growing short, beware! Soon the night covers us all But one of us shall not be there, beware!