Altar Of Ego (Arends Carolyn)

I am talking too loud when there's so much I should be hearing I am walking too proud when I know a fall is nearing I am thinking too much for someone who knows so little I am spinning so fast, I'm landing in the middle Of this cold familiar place where I struggle to save face And I lose all of the things that matter Chorus I don't want to be here again Bowed at the alter of ego I've sacrificed most everything Here at the alter of ego I've got just four friends I will let advise me Me, myself and I and the evil twin inside me We talk each other up and we bring each other down 'Cause there's nothing we like more than the ever present sound Of the voice inside my head, once again it's led To losing all the things that matter Repeat Chorus I need a touch of love, I need a thrust of grace A push, a shove, a slap in the face 'Cause I have gazed too long at the person in the mirror As I turn away, I'm finding things are clearer I will set my sights on Someone so much higher Not on what I want, but on what I require To travel to the place where at last I can embrace All the things that really matter Repeat Chorus