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British Invasion (Common Enemy)

I'm sick of all these kids I see, They don't make no fucking sense to me All they care about is bands from the U.K. They think they're so fucking punk, But their eyes are closed and their minds are shut They don't know shit about the bands from the U.S.A. [Chorus] Whatever happened to the American bands Some how they've been lost If it's not from U.K. 82 These kids today don't give a fuck Now don't get me wrong, I like a lot of British stuff I love Alien Sex Fiend, Napalm Death, and GBH But what about the bands like Channel 3, Zero Boys, and M.D.C. All the great bands that came from the United States [Chorus] When you dance the same and dress the same It won't be long til you are the same You look the same and act the same There's nothing new and you're to blame This is America not the U.K.