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Weaned On Lies (Common Enemy)

A child is born, to a religious home And from early in his life, his thoughts are not his own His parents, they raise him, in the way they feel is right On bible stories, sunday school, and the words of Jesus Christ [Chorus] You've been weaned on lies All you're fucking life Never had the fucking chance To make up your on mind You've been weaned on lies The've been forced into your head Blind loyalty to God Is how you have been bred And as the child grows up, all he hears and sees Are bible camp, christian rock, and Kenneth Copeland on t.v. And his parents are proud of what they have done They've raised an automaton and not a fucking son [Chorus] Now the chil has grown up and has kids of his own And the same fucking thing happens in his home It's just a fucking circle of lies, deceit, and fraud Because all the've ever heard is to believe in God