Lament For A Toy Factory (Dr. Steel)

Once upon a time On the assembly line Ran my brilliant designs Made of plastic Then the factory called me Said, "We are appalled, we feel Your new designs are too drastic." What? Babies with buzz saws? These bankers in charge, They lacked vision and imagination. Challenge me, will you? Well, I'll show you all! I'll see to it this wretched company falls. I'm not just some nobody here doing time You fat bastards need me and my brilliant mind! And so... they fired me. And, all through the night As I wept, I packed my explosives And dollies with knives And gasoline filled super-soakers And deep within my mind My revenge grew ever corrosive I invaded the building with my army of toys As a fire rang out with a deafening noise, I screamed "I am the nightmare that crushes your dreams, I'm the greatest creator this world's ever seen!" Cackle as the fire crackles As the toys attack 'em till they all fall down. Climbing to the top, I hear a helicopter Talking to me as the cops surround Every corner of the factory, Gasoline! It's either them or me It's them or me! To infinity! To insanity! All through the night As I laughed, I set off my explosives. (screaming) But alas, I was detained And they labeled me criminally insane.