A New Tune (Far From Finished)

Hallucination it’s compensation Read between the lines it’s a privacy invasion Hesitation and frustration Quit asking how I feel about it I don’t wanna talk about it Why is the little boy setting fires While his daddies looking for the buyers Another sentiment they pulled out with pliers He hears the screaming you pack of fucking liars My mommy told me I’m her biggest mistake I caused her addictions that she never could shake But any emotion you could fake if you look the other way And the shame you can take it (Fuck It) I don’t wanna see (don’t wanna see what they want me to see) And I don’t wanna be (don’t wanna be what they want me to be) Sculpt the fragile mind of the lunatic Feed ‘em something till it makes them sick But it’s the little things that make you tick You’re a sick fucking freak and it a power type of fix So build ‘em up and then tear ‘em back down Let ‘em know that he’s the sharpest kid around Now something bitter swear rots your teeth You hollowed ‘em out and now there’s nothing underneath