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Broken (Far From Finished)

Looking through broken window panes For something that’ll numb the pain And it’s something to help you forget Bottles can serenade and newborn lives can turn a page But there’s always better way Now it’s been two years of all hard luck You’re getting used to being in a rut And your heads all fucked And you’re a little stranger Does it keep you running for the razors Today – you’ve lost every shred of innocent It’s time to come to grips again Wake up – are you waiting for someone to pick you off the floor The answers always right in front of you You know exactly what to do Where are you running to You walls are crumbling around you Wishing something could hide you From everyone of your regrets But now it’s too late You’ve got that kind of hate And it’s all for yourself Now put that bottle to your head Ya pull the trigger and now you’re dead Was it everything you thought it would be What are you looking for You want it to hurt just a little bit more It’s contradictions and misconceptions A circle of lies it’s a fucking infection Leading you around and make you always want more ‘Till another one of out friends has been checked into the morgue Today – where’s it gone now…