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Disaster (Far From Finished)

Woke up this morning in front of the ‘ol corner store And every time I put myself down I keep on coming back for more Now the bells of the church are tolling for another deserving saint While I’m strolling the streets with no place to go But I ‘aint asking for anybodies thanks I’m a fucked up boy in a fucked up world You’re never gonna see your life trough my eyes And I’ll never know my reflection in their mirrors of misdirection Washing away in a see of fucking lies I ‘aint a fucking saint Ya think I’m a bum In a world that fucking rejects you, they think they’ve already won Now they kick you to the curb like you’re some politician’s bastard son Now everyone’s complaining ‘bout the things I already know But what I wanna know are your ears bleeding from the sounds that are coming From the radio I’m a fuckin’ disaster...