Dusty Shelves (Far From Finished)

'Ya got 4 butts in the ashtray and a bottle in the kitchen sink And you're passed out on your bedroom floor on 4 days worth of stink Your only dreams floating at the bottom of your glass Your just wasting away just sitting on your ass To the church upon the hill beg for forgiveness as for the will It's a lonely walk back home to an empty room and a ringing phone [Chorus] You're a fuck up and you're a drunk But in your heart you know better You were born and raised in a loving way Now your brain has turned to shit You're a poet and you're a liar And it's all for your heart's desire Your eyes are only seeing gray And you'll drink the rest of your days away Your secrets lie on dusty shelves and your ego may have just as well Taken over all your thoughts as your soul lies in your head to rot And I don't feel bad for you anymore Your head got so big it couldn't fit through the fuckin' door Headed down to purgatory armed with sins and tales of glory A respectful boy ready and willing to take the blame [Chorus] You always said you were an honest man You were forced into things that you never planned But excuses only prove you're full of shit [Chorus]