Heroes And Ghosts (Far From Finished)

Holidays spend in the institution Remember the time when your mind was raped Where is the restitution for everything they take Seeing life through a looking glass Buried in the sand so you can’t escape A generation forced to hate The feeling they have to fake Look away you don’t wanna see this This ‘aint no fucking dream It happens everyday and we hear them say One more time scream it from the rafters Get out of my life get out of my head Programming tomorrows little officers One dose at a time ‘till they’re bred One more time can you make it shatter Get out of my life get out of my head We know exactly what they’re after And if we were all gone tomorrow would they ever even know When kids start trading their heroes for ghosts We can’t handle you anymore It’s all your fault no you’ll have to pay With the rest of your life never knowing emotions Never knowing the words to say You’re somebody’s problem now Good luck it might turn out ok So little by little and dose by dose They’re taking you away Regrets and falsehoods Telling me you ‘aint no good It’s time to fight them back Start living life for you