Bed Of Nails (Rockapella)

Bed of Nails Scott Leonard Arrangement: Scott Leonard Lead Vocal: Scott Leonard Save me from this bed of nails; oh, rest a weary head. Just save me from a dead-end jail; save me from the bed. You know you've gottA catch A FEW z's, get some shut-eye. You know you've gottA getCHA some sleep. You know it's time to hit-N-the hay, A lay yA head down. Lay it down for someone to keep. Oh, LAWD, this bed of nails. You know it's time tA saw a few logs, IT'S time tA turn in. Plenty O' pain to purchase with a nice tin cup, plenty O' padded cells to BUY But this bed's way to down-filled to wake you up; if you can't lie upon IT JUST LIE Bed of nails - sleep with one eye open. Bed of nails - love to toss N turn. Bed of nails - there ain't no use in hopiN', You gotTA just learn. You know it's time to take you a nap, it's time A nod off. Don't you think you oughttA unwind? You know yA got to getCHA some rest, yA better knock off. You'd better get yo booty reclined. The sky's still sunny with or without money Feel the warmiN' while we do rest RisiN' in the east, shiniN' on a beast Slowly, surely settiN' on the west. Bed of nails - quiet's never silent. Bed of nails - silent's never still. Bed of nails - tA snore through all that violence, YA better just chill. I will, I will, I will, I will. Next time you fly Itweedly deedly deet) Look down where you lie (leaving on a jet plane) Long, cool bed A steely, long, tall nails A shootiN' from the sky from their dead-end jails. And sooner or later, out of the East Comes a hammer in the hand of a quiet little beast. And each tall nail that dares to reach up into space Will be pounded and hammered and slammed down into place. Bed of nails - every point is painful. Bed of nails - a thousand points of spite. Bed of nails - you know the weak it ain't for IT HURTS ME JUST RIGHT YA KNOW YA SHOULD BE COUNTIN' SOME SHEEP A HEAD TO DREAMLAND, YA KNOW YA GOTTA HIT THE SACK YA KNOW YA GOTTA GETCHA SOME SLEEP, YA BETTER CASH IN, IT'S TIME THAT YOU WAS FLAT ON YOUR BACK