Sickness (Superjoint Ritual)

Sweating, freezing, itching, bleeding, selfstyled, poison A lethal meeting, face down, helpless in 48 hrs Sickness Revolting, distorting, and changing for worsend, no one will Recognize exactly whats wrong. You are denying and lying No truth - pull up - You've lost you're old friends they'll never Return again, even when your senses return, again Sickness, self desired, self assured, with staff infection Nauseous and bloated, your best behind you now, irritate Amputate, four burning lines A blood coated ending to your life's story Sickness Paranoia, schizophrenia, resembling, a picture of disabled fear The future is pestilence under your skin Sickness As gravity pulls you down and then under, the pain, it increases With every step you're begging for the ending The dragon is sending you - messages from the grim reaper's plans Sweating, freezing, itching till bleeding, self styled poison A lethal meeting, face down and helpless, terror engulfs us The sickness that saves us is killing us now