Intro (Starbomb)

Hello everyone, I am Egoraptor and welcome to the first album of STAR BOMB!! A holy-sh*t amazing new band I've created with this guys: Ninjasexparty Hello, my name is Danny Sexbang I'm the lead singer of Ninjasexparty That band he was just talking about And this here is Ninja Brian Say hi Ninja Brian Fantastic! Now, before we begin annihilating your f*cking soul With tasty-*ss jams, We'd like to say that we don't own the rights To the characters that we parody on this album Like hmm... Zelda or Mario Or huh. Metroid girl. Samus! That's her. But it is parody, which means according to the exact text of the law *clears throat* The fair use of a copyrighted word, including such use By reproduction and copies of phonorecords Or by any other... f*cking means. specified by that section For purposes such as Sh*t like critism, comment, teaching, scholarship or researsh Is not a goddamn infringment of copyrights I guess what we're saying Nintendo: We love you Thanks for not suing us NOW LET'S COMMENCE THE ROCK