Kirby's Adventures In Reamland (Starbomb)

Hey, Kirby's in Dreamland, gonna eat all your shit! Including you! Yo, Dreamland's where it's motherfucking at Seeing Dedede eat food cause he's motherfucking fat There's a little pink bastard Who's eating even faster His name is Kirby, bitch, and he's the motherfucking master Eats big things, spits them out with great force So that got me thinking 'bout my dick of course You know he's DTF, this ain't Super Smash Brothers Kirby's banned from tournaments, for fucking all your mothers Ninja Sex Party and Kirby Egoraptor, getting dirty You got six inches, we got thirty (Each, motherfucker!) It's time to turn down all the lights Make sure the mood is right Cause we are slamming Kirby tonight That's right I'm fucking Kirby in the back of my car He's transporting on my dick like it's a motherfucking Warp Star You never see his tongue, but you better know it's there Cause once he's got it sprung, you gotta look it up on FourSquare Three bitches just checked up into that shit Zelda, Peach and Lolo's girlfriend like a big banana split Kirby's dick's a yellow fruit, just chilling in the middle Hanging over each edge, make your Double Dees appear little Scratch that bitch, that he's sucking on a Twinkie Dip the cream on their lips, wipe it off with girly pinkies Everyone satisfied when that little pink guy Starts creeping up their thighs But they better get in line Cause I'm fucking Kirby tonight And I'll never have a better night A better night Excuse me! Did somebody say Meta Knight? No! Fuck off! He's like a little pink potato Sucking on balls like they're Metamatoes Screaming "Oh God" like a double rainbow (What does it mean, motherfucker?) It can't be wrong if it feels right We're painting Dreamland white Cause we are slamming Kirby tonight Fuck yeah!