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Getting Bright At Night (The Icarus Line)

Stealing never felt so good. Spoiled teens wish us well, as they should. Feeling lower than low babe every day. Getting higher than high starting to fade away. I won't fall in love anymore. I won't fall. Loose lips sink ships so lets just be friends. Stay up all the time now never crash again. Glass on the carpet cuts our faces. Girls green eyes destroy everyday (now that feels great). I don't want to fall in love anymore, But I can't stop falling in love, And stimulation fits like a glove. Got no soul? Girl I'll die laughing. Die alone all by my accident while I'm awake for days, Surreal sways on the way. No hearts hurt? Missed every morning. I'm getting tired of missing every morning, But never give up on me babe. Oh god I been dancing in the darkness again and I don't love anyone. Oh god I been messing with the forces again and I don't know what I've done.