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Love Is Happiness (The Icarus Line)

Oh my god, you are so gone. Your breath smells like Nyquil. Where the hell were you all fucking night. When this jealousy gets the best of me, babe you know I live for you. I'm so sick. I'm so sick of being here. All the pain that wells and swells and stings me. Pain's the only real thing you bring me. If you keep this up, I'll keep it in. I still feel like I'm paying for our sins and you don't care about shit... SHE BLEEDS WHEN SHE GETS DRUNK! SHE BLEEDS WHEN SHE GETS DRUNK! Fierce Drinker: I'd rather give your slutty sister three of my best Than listen to you talk yourself in stupid circles. I'm so sick. So let's draw the shades. Could you dim the lights? Spinning: music, party, drinking wine. Just cry the biggest lies you can't tell. You can't tell. (Have you found the thing you love? Because...) All the fucking time you know it takes you And all the fucking time it breaks you. This is for every fucking thing that I don't know. Pouring it on so thick makes you live so slow. This love is the best.