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Oh Faithless (The Icarus Line)

Clutch to anything that might hold me down, when there's no final push and shove we'll all see you underground. This is all we work for? Because this is all I see. No magic. No happy ending. Only false dreams. You keep saying I'll find some faith. Who's been looking. Try and tell me it's not all for sale. Where did all your money go? I have to ask myself. To you the end seems so far away but there's knocking on the door. So fall in love with your fairytales if it helps you fall asleep. I'd never wish onto you, my haunted dreams. I might be late for my own funeral, But I want to know who is filling your head with this shit that binds you. It be bleeds through. Until you do, whatever it is they want you to. Oh faithless. Where have I failed you. Oh faithless.