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On The Lash (The Icarus Line)

Feel like something?s always been wrong Love of life is hitting way too strong May be we were born too late May be not born at all Let's try and cure your latest pains Prescribe the life that's driving me insane Tragic turn of fatal flaws, my heart?s burnt to black Feel like the storms come to cut me down On the lash, it?s time to get the hell out of this town Attention spans a moment?s escape These escapes they come so small Tragic turns and curses the walls Mine ain't coming back, but I can fake it All the best learn to live life like a vampire And tell their stories to the campfire Doesn't everybody know they gotta lose themselves once in a while? Sleep all day just to kill time, let the sun slide out of the sky doesn't everybody know? I can feel it can't you feel it now? Feels like stealing Come on let's start the healing, gimme feeling