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Spike Island (The Icarus Line)

Fell down this old road and I don't care If you roll on your sides, I seen a ghost In the future, sometimes it gets hard to hide If you need somethin', don't let me know Subtle substance control turns to overflow I gotta get my connect I saw her in the bathroom drinkin' vodka She must have been a sweet nothin' Dope let's her slide, looks she can't hide Heroin hands can't keep her clean She needs another way out let's drink until we come Later on we're sailin' on It gets to you when I say this stuff But I know what I'm doin' Just ask me what I'm doin' We are alone, we are alone, we are alone We are together, fashionably numb Drive this town into the ground Lose the places that we found together There's never nothing right There's never nothing right Let's stay connected We are alone, we are alone, we are alone We live together Fashionably numb, perpetually spun Seen you breathin' out your eyes, surprise We are alone, we are alone We live forever, forever, forever