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The Big Sleep (The Icarus Line)

Exploding like a laughing child. Situations reaching out too far. Gonna make good on all my bets. Have to do what hasnt killed us yet. Stomach sore for attention soon. Im alone so I search the room. Put your hand out, lets see what you get. Zero out of every fucked up thing Ie done. Saw no sun today but theres still some warm in my skin. Forgot all their numbers but I wrote them down somewhere. When I get like this, lizards kiss and I dot need anything. They say nightmares go away while youre awake walking around in the day. But I cant shake these dreams, show me life. Show me something. Shamans curse got me breathing air again and Im not in this body. Im not in this skin. Soaking up large pools of memory. Casual landslides and secret smiles as were crashing all the while. Found a new way of life and now I never have to try. No more fake goodbyes. Dont ever kiss and lie. Closing in on perfection. Like a girl on a pole touches the tortured soul; I try to break whats mine, just try to waste my time. Waste my time.