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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Bad Mood (The Murmurs)

If I found a town I'd like to spend the rest of life in, maybe, I would. If I met a friend I'd like to tell all of my secrets to, maybe I would. If I saw a sea I'd like to swim across, or maybe dip my feet in, I would. If I found a seed I'd like to plant into a tree, maybe, I would. If I never seem to understand, my purpose in this promised land. If I come across a man, who'd like take my hand, well I should. If I knew a trip I'd like to take some day, I know I would I run up and down looking for what I've lost, hoping its found. But sunshine doesn't shine all day, nothing seems to go my god damn way. So if I found the right road to go or maybe just to take a stroll, I know I will If I find the time to answer questions in my mind I know I know I will Yes, I know I will