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Absolute Beginners (Bowie David)

D Bmi C#mi Gdimi F#7 1. I've nothing much to offer, there's nothing much to take G D C Bmi Emi A I'm an absolute beginner, but I'm absolutely sane D Bmi C#mi Gdimi F#7 As long as we're together, the rest may go to hell G D C Bmi I absolutely love you, but we're absolute beginners G D F# A With eyes completely open, but nervous all the same Emi A D G R: If our love song could fly over mountain Bmi F# Could laugh at the ocean, just like the films Emi A D G There's no reason to feel all the hard times Bmi A To lay down the hard lines, it's absolutely true 2. Nothing much could happen, nothing we can't shake Though we're absolute beginners, with nothing much at stake As long as you're still smiling, there's nothing more I need I absolutely love you, but we're absolute beginners But if my love is your love, we're certain to succeed