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Bars of the County Jail (Bowie David)

Gather you all and listen here I’ll tell you a tale if you lend me an ear I rode a horse through many a town But the devil rode me down to the ground I was to marry a very rich girl I loved her as only I can But the father was shot and his gold was stoled And now I’m the devil’s man, na na na And now I sing a tail of woe Through the bars of the county jail I walked into the room one night I found her mother and gun Well the man was dead and I kneeled and cried The sheriff ran in and said I’m holding you, son Through the day I sing and play For time is on my side But when the moon and stars come out I lay me down and cry For the saviour mar I lied Now I will not have a ride Beside the window the scaffold was made On the morrow I will hang