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China Girl (Bowie David)

Ami I could escape this feeling Dmi With my china girl Ami I feel a wreck without my Dmi Little china girl Ami I hear her hearts beating G Loud as thunder F E Saw their stars crashing I'm mess without my Little china girl Make up mornings where's my Little china girl I hear her heart's beating Loud as thunder Saw their stars crashing down C G I feel a-tragic like I'm Marlon Brando F E When I look at my china girl C G I could pretend that nothin really meant too much F E When I look at my china girl Ami G I stumble into town just like a sacred cow F Visions of swasticas in my head E Plans for everyone Ami G F E It's in the white of my eyes Ami My little china girl G You shouldn't mess with me F E I'll ruin everything you are (you know) Ami I'll give you television G I'll give ypu eyes of blue F E I'll give you man who wantys to rule the world Ami And when I get excited G My little china girl says F E Oh baby just you shut your mouth Ami G F E She says shhhh...