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Julie (Bowie David)

Julie Oh And I know Like a mirror, Sunday morning When the dark clouds hung above I saw you kneeling 'neath a garden I saw the grim and stood above What kind of meaning in a gun shot It doesn't matter what they say I never felt I aimed at no one And who's gonna take the gun away Julie Pretend for me That I'm someone in your life Julie I'm yours till the end All the days and memories I'm not a man of single reason It's in every single man This beat of jealous retribution And every spurned heart makes its plan Well, I know that you really loved him And I know that if there's a God above Through million times we'll remember How the trail slips away Julie Pretend for me Even only for a while Julie My soul is on the line All the days and memories Julie Remember me All the days of your life Julie I'm lost over you Passion always ends this way End this way