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London Boys (Bowie David)

Bow Bells strike another night Your eyes are heavy and your limbs all ache You've bought some coffee, butter and bread You can't make a thing cause the meter's dead You moved away Told your folks you're gonna stay away Bright lights, Soho, Wardour street You hope you make friends with the guys that you meet Somebody shows you round Now you've met the London boys Things seem good again, someone cares about you Oh, the first time that you tried a pill You feel a little queasy, decidedly ill You're gonna be sick, but you mustn't lose faith To let yourself down would be a big disgrace With the London boys, with the London boys You're only seventeen, but you think you've grown In the month you've been away from your parents' home You take the pills too much You don't give a damn about that jobs you've got So long as you're with the London boys A London boy, oh a London boy Your flashy clothes are your pride and joy A London boy, a London boy You think you've had a lot of fun But you ain't got nothing, you're on the run It's too late now, cause you're out there boy You've got it made with the rest of the toys Now you wish you'd never left your home You've got what you wanted but you're on your own With the London boys Now you've met the London boys Now you've met the London boys Now you've met the London boys