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New York's in Love (Bowie David)

Do you see that thing I'm sure it's love Would you do one thing New York's in love The city grew wings in the back of the night The clouds are stuck like candy-floss She sees the rich trash having all the fun Makes her wonder where they get the energy from There's nothing you can do to her This city's all clean and waiting I don't mean to wait too long But this joint can't get much higher [CHORUS] New York's in love- With her big green eyes And her long blonde hair New York's in flames New York's in love With the way she talks And the way she walks New York's in love Goo Goo Goo Goo Goo Goo My, oh my, it's a tom-tom beat No-one knows they've had their day We can dance and we can see the singles swing Everybody's waiting for the Go-Go Boys. You're turned to stone by the family It's now the dead speak to the living Nothing left here but a raging blaze I don't mean to wait too long [CHORUS]