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Rubber Band (Bowie David)

Rubber Band There's a rubber band that plays tunes out of tune In the library garden Sunday afternoon While a little chappie waves a golden wand Rubber Band In 1910 I was so handsome and so strong My moustache was stiffly waxed and one foot long And I loved a girl while you played teatime tunes Dear Rubber Band, you're playing my tune out of tune, oh Rubber Band Won't you play a haunting theme again to me While I eat my scones and drink my cup of tea The sun is warm but it's a lonely afternoon Oh, play that theme Rubber Band How I wish that I could join your Rubber Band We could play in lively parks throughout the land And one Sunday afternoon, I'd find my love Rubber Band, In the '14-'18 war I went to sea Thought my Sunday love was waiting home for me And now she's married to the leader of the band, oh (spoken) Oh sob... I hope you break your baton