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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Saviour Machine (Bowie David)

Ami F President Joe once had a dream. G The world held his hand,gave their pledge. F G So he told then his scheme four a Saviour Machine. Ami They called it the Prayer,its answer waslaw. Its logic stoppedwar,gave them food. How they adoredtill it cried in its boredom. Ami B A C Db Please don't bealive in me,please disagree vith me. B A C Db Eb Db Life is tooeasy,aplague seems feasible now or maybe a Eb Db C war.I may kill youall Ami G F R: Don't let mestay,don't let mestay. G Ami My logic says burn so send meaway. Ami G F Your minds are toogreen,i despise all.I'veseen. G G You can't stake yourlives on a Saviour Machine. B A C Db I need youflying,andI'll show thatdying B A C Db Eb It living beyond reason, sacred dimension of time. Db Eb Db C I percive everysingn.I can steal everymind.