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Scream Like a Baby (Bowie David)

Well I wouldn't buy no merchandise And I wouldn't go to war And I mixed with other colours But the nurse doesn't care And I hide under blankets Or did I run away I really can't remember Last time I saw the light of day But I remember Sam 'cause he was like me [CHORUS] Scream like a baby Sam was a gun And I never knew his last name And we never had no fun Well they came down hard on the faggots And they came down hard on the street They came down harder on Sam And they all knew he was beat He was thrown into the wagon Blindfolded, chains, and they stomped on us And took away our clothes and things And pumped us full of strange drugs And oh I saw Sam falling Spitting in their eyes But now I lay me down to sleep And now I close my eyes Now I'm learning to be a part of soc-society [CHORUS] No athletic program, no discipline, no book He just sat in the backseat swearing he'd seek revenge But he jumped into the furnace Singing old songs we loved [CHORUS (2x)]