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Shadow Man (Bowie David)

There`s a man back a-ways Who believes at where he is And there`s a girl Up ahead who says she knows And the street overflows With the folk who understand But for the guy who can`t be seen He`s the Shadow Man And the Shadow Man is close at hand Take a turn and see his smile Made of nothing but loneliness Just take a walk and be a friend To the Shadow Man You can call him Joe, you can call him Sam You should call and see who answers For he promises to come running, guided by the truth But the Shadow Man is really you Look in his eyes and see your reflection Look to the stars and see his eyes He`ll show you tomorrow, he`ll show you the sorrows Of what you did today You can call him foe, you can call him friend You should call and see who answers For he knows your eyes are drawn to the road ahead And the Shadow Man is waiting round the bend Oh, the Shadow Man Ohooooo oooo Shadow man, shadow man It`s really you, it`s really you, it`s really you He`s the shadow man Oh yeah Shadow man