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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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She Shook Me Cold (Bowie David)

We met upon a hill, the night was cool and still She sucked my dormant will Mother,she blew my brain,I will go back again My God,she shook my cold I had no time to spare,I grabber her golden hair And threw her to the ground Father,she caved, Oh Lord,the things she said My God,she should be told. I was very smart,broke the gentle hearts Of many young virgins I was quick on the ball,left them so lonely They'd just give up trying Then she took my head, smashed it up, Left my young blood rising, Crushed me mercilessly,kept me going around So she didn't know how I crave her so I'll give me love in vain,to reach that peak again We met upon a hill Mother,she blew my brain,I will go back again My God, she shook me cold.