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She's Got Medals (Bowie David)

She'd walk through the door and she'd set up the drinks on the house She played a good game of darts, and the men slapped her back And never took her out She wore a trenchcoat khaki Her hobnail boots were full of holes She's got medals Her mother called her Mary, but she changed her name to Tommy, she's a one, oh She went and joined the army, passed the medical Don't ask me how it's done They sent her to the front line Fighting for her country's name She's got medals She got very tired of picking up girls Cleaning her gun and shaving her curls Then the enemy dropped a bomb Survivors there were none People say that when the moon is full and all the stars have gone to bed You can see her ghost but that's a lie because the naughty woman isn't dead She deserted on the previous morning Replaced her uniform with dresses silk and green Called herself Eileen Came to London town Now she's settled down She's got medals