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Sweet Head (Bowie David)

I try to break away from you From the spics and blacks and the gum you chew Where the posters are torn by the muggin' gangs... By the faggy parks and burnt out va..ans I've got ninety-nine years of layin' in the dark and I'm far too young to lie I've got ninety-nine ways to play my guitar Its gonna play 'em in before I die {Chorus} So bob your sweet head Brother Ziggy gonna play I'm just a bob-a-lectic hear Gonna rock-it in your head Shazam! and come ball, where my guitar-um is-a playin' We can give you sweet head I'm tough as glass and clean as night Well, if looks can love, we can love alright I'm your r-r-r-rubber peacock, angelic whore I'm a wrought-iron face upon the wall..l..l I've had ninety-nine tales of murder-come-life, and I'm running away from it all I got a bedroom, every mirror in town, they're gonna claim me if I fall {chorus} Sweet head Gonna give ya sweet head (spoken: While ya down there) See my eyes of blocked emotion See my tremble, see my fall Traumatic, stinkin' fast Your faith in me can last Besides, I'm numb to lay you, rubbin' all Look south the way your mother dwells 'Cause if she knew what's going on, she'd give you hell I'm the kind of man she warned me of Until there was rock, you only had God You and I have a mutual vow We both like gamery, and we both like loud I got pretty shoes, and I'm kin and proud I'm street-side-out, with my ear to the crowd {chorus} Move along, son ca-cho, ca-cho ca-cho, ca-cho Woo!