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There Is a Happy Land (Bowie David)

There is a happy land where only children live They don't have the time to learn the ways Of you sir, Mr. Grownup There's a special place in the rhubarb fields underneath the leaves It's a secret place and adults aren't allowed there, Mr. Grownup Go away, sir Charlie Brown got's half a crown, he's gonna buy a kite Jimmy's ill with chicken pox, and Tommy's learned to ride his bike Tiny Tim sings prayers and hymns, he's so small we don't notice him He gets in the way but we always let him play with us Mother calls, but we don't hear There's lots more things to do It's only 5 o'clock, and we're not tired yet But we will be, very shortly Sissy Steven plays with girls, someone made him cry Tony climbed a tree and fell, trying hard to touch the sky Tommy lit a fire one day, nearly burned the field away Tommy's mum found out, but he put the blame on me and Ray There is a happy land where only children live You've had your chance and now the doors are closed sir, Mr. Grownup Go away, sir Boo, de boo, de boo, de boo dup