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Unwashed and Somewhat Slightly Dazed (Bowie David)

Spy, spy, pretty girl I see you see me through your window Don't turn your nose up Well, you can if you need to, you won't be the first or last It must strain you to look down so far from your father's house And I know what a louse like me in his house could do for you I'm the Cream Of the Great Utopia Dream And you're the gleam In the depths of your banker's spleen I'm a phallus in pigtails And there's blood on my nose And my tissue is rotting Where the rats chew my bones And my eye sockets empty See nothing but pain I keep having this brainstorm About twelve times a day So now, you could spend the morning walking with me, quite amazed As I'm Unwashed and Somewhat Slightly Dazed I got eyes in my backside That see electric tomatoes On credit card rye bread There are children in washrooms Holding hands with a queen And my heads full of murders Where only killers scream So now you could spend the morning talking with me quite amazed Look out, I'm raving mad and Somewhat Slightly Dazed Now you run from your window To the porcelain bowl And you're sick from your ears To the red parquet floor And the Braque on the wall Slides down your front And eats through your belly It's very catching So now, you should spend the mornings lying to your father quite amazed About the strange Unwashed and Happily Slightly Dazed.