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Kit Kat Jam (Dave Matthews Band)

Hey, golden girl, with your hair swinging down All of this love you have going round What will you do when the gold turns to grey? Have you thought now Well, what the hay, give us some Cover yourself with the safety of lies You'll find it's easier 'til you face dying Oh, sweetest smile in a confident come along All of this longing you will done Up and out, goes to your heart And you will make yourself higher up, little fool And love and go down and pay to go on We'll lie on water, and oh On the way back I slip on the ceiling Caught you just then, hands were in the cookie jar How can we share when you sneak up and go? I've no intention of losing by beard How they design and then we go again Oh God, them horses were racing And, oh, bring me down Could put Humpty Dumpty back together again Now the wall won't hold anyone I walk in the slide Wait and reach your lady This is the short one Short way to lay in Oh, let her leave my hand I've given up Whoa, how is too late now Oh, free, just... Were you lying?