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Two Step (Dave Matthews Band)

Dmi C G (4x) Dmi B C (4x) C F B AmiG 1. Say, my love, I came to you with best intentions Dmi C F B Ami G You laid down and gave to me just what I'm seeking F B Ami G Dmi Love, you drive me to distraction 2. Hey my love do you believe that we might last a thousand years Or more if not for this, our flesh and blood It ties you and me right up Tie me down F C G B R: Celebrate we will F C G B F Because life is short but sweet for certain C G B We're climbing two by two F C G B To be sure these days continue F C G B Dmi These things we cannot change 3. Hey, my love, you came to me like wine comes to this mouth Grown tired of water all the time You quench my heart and you quench my mind R: ... sure these days continue + The things we cannot Celebrate, you and me, climbing two by two, to be sure these days continue, things we cannot change Oh, my love I came to you with best intentions You laid down and gave to me Just what I'm seeking R: ... + things we cannot change