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A Very Nice Body (Zappa Frank)

Louis: Yes . . . Roy: I kind of miss him Louis: Yeah, me too Roy: Getting on top of him and all Louis: He had a very nice body too Roy: Yeah, even though he was a, a . . . Oh well Louis: A dual personality, you know Roy: Yeah Louis: We have to think of what he's doin' out there? Roy: What did he go out there for anyway? Louis: Maybe . . . Roy: Maybe he wanted to get on top of one of those horse . . . ponies Louis: Yes, maybe he wants to have intercourse with them! Roy: What? Louis: Intercourse! Roy: Well, if he doesn't get clawed first Louis: Yes, that's right. But, maybe, maybe he will find a real nice, a very nice kind horse, you know Roy: A horse, yeah horse. Whore-sss Louis: Boogey-man or something. Something out there. You might find a nice kind . . . Roy: Boogey-man? Louis: Well, something, you know. I don't know what it is myself - a horse - 'cause human beings, decent human beings. Nice place to live Roy: Beans? You call them human beans? Louis: And then before they turn to be boogey-men or . . . Roy: That's why they came into the Steinway Louis: Yes, that's why 'cause I just couldn't take them anymore, you know. They were vicious, too vicious. So I had to go, I had to, I had to come in here Spider: Like, we can't understand what they're saying to each other John: I know