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Beer Shampoo (Zappa Frank)

[Mark:] That's the kind of guy [?] [Aynsley:] When you just stopped it was running on your head [Howard:] Well I had to do an Edward Arnold slow-burn, man, there was nothing else I could do, 'cept play it for all it was worth [Aynsley:] I said the only other thing to do is go get another can of beer and pour it over HIS head . . . [Howard:] Well, it was already getting silly, man. I mean, it was remedial as it is, I think . . . [FZ:] Ha ha! [Howard:] Let's not make it too childish [Aynsley:] [?] [Mark:] Every night for a year and a half, man, no matter how sick I was, or how I felt on stage . . . [?:] Howie [?] [Mark:] He, I used to sing, he used to sing "How is the weather" in "Happy Together" and pour a whole glass of water over my head, man, and he liked it so much that he made it an integral part of the show, the kids loved it, so I just let it keep happening [Aynsley:] He can't stand it, man, that's all . . . [Mark:] And you're just a pansy ass, kiss ass little girl . . . [?:] Ha ha ha! [Mark:] Simmons! [Howard:] Beer is another thing, man! I'm fucking soaked! [Mark:] They use beer in some shampoos, Howard [Howard:] I don't give a shit, that's all I know it that water would dry up and not stain, and he ruined my shoes, man! I can't believe it [?:] Ohhh! [Mark:] Materialist! [Howard:] Hey lookit, Pat McGregor! [Mark:] Materialistic! Materialistic! [Howard:] You're the dude who said . . . [scuffle] [FZ:] Oh oh oh! [Mark:] Materialist! [?:] Ohhh [Howard:] Don't do it to you, I don't have any beer, man [Aynsley:] Okay [Mark:] "New York's so lonely . . . " [Howard:] I can't even . . . you keep your hands off me you creep [Mark:] "And you are the only . . . " [Jeff:] You creep, ha ha! [Howard:] Stop it, man!