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Dear Jeepers (Zappa Frank)

-Oh, what have we here? Oh! A letter! It smells... Oh, how wonderful! I just love letters that are perfumed. Oh! Lovely! Lovely stench! Essence of wolfbane! Oh, Let me open it!... "Dear Jeepers, it was so nice of you to attend my party at the castle last week. You and Doris make such a lovely couple. I'm also very glad to have seen Igor, Boris, and Sally Snake, and Funkin the Rat. It was so much fun when we all played 'Pin the Tail on the Werewolf,' Oh yes! and 'Electrical Chairs.' When everybody sat down, Oh! Two million volts! Ha-ha-ha...! Oh, such fun!" Uh...Doris, squeeze me a glass of mildew... And to continue now... "Although the party was supposed to be rot luck, it turned out to be pot luck. It was still lovely of you to bring along that 'Leg of Lepre- chaun au Gratin.' Desdemona wants the recipe. Well, I'm... I'm rather exhausted, so I... I must close now. The sun is coming up and I must return to the crypt. Sincerely, Count Dracula. Oh, P/S. Here's a riddle: Where there's a will, what's the way?" Ho-ho! Ha-ha-ha